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how to manage yourself when there is no money to manageFor a limited time, we are offering a free copy of Tim Howington’s best selling book How to Manage Yourself when there is No Money to Manage.  We say best selling tongue in cheek since Tim has written two books and this one has sold more than the other.  Seriously though, this book is geared for families who are dealing with a difficult financial situation and are looking for a Biblical way to manage their hearts in a stressful time.  It is also available at Amazon if you prefer to read on your kindle.

Here is Amazon’s description of the book

70% of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Financial pressure is at an all time high. In this book, the author has given some Biblical insight into how to navigate a financial crisis, particularly in the area of perspective. This is not just theory but actual spiritual disciplines he used in a recent tight spot. The title of “Diary of a Financial Crisis” was almost selected for the book. While this book is geared toward financial issues, the practices depicted here actually work in most life issues that require a Biblical solution.

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