Financial Health Services for the Christian Family in the Church

Since 2010, we have been meeting with Christians families and individuals all over the world helping them to grow in their Biblical worldview of their personal finances. Our goal is to help every believer become a Generous Steward to help fulfill the Great Commission.


Financial Coaching

Our core ministry is personal 1-1 coaching with families and individuals. Just like 1-1 discipleship helps a person navigate their spiritual growth, personalized attentions to help a family work through their specific obstacles towards their financial goals is the fastest route to financial health. Our focus is helping them become Generous Stewards. Which means that they are 1) God Centered 2) Generous towards Kingdom things and 3) Well managed in their finances


We have developed a number of Bible studies, books and videos specifically designed to help the Christian family develop a Christian worldview in the area of personal finances. We are also identifying resources from around the nation to get to families.

HR Benefit for Pastors and Church Staff

What if your pastors and staff were financially healthy and undistracted by finances. As ministers ourselves, we understand the financial stress that many of our Church Workers are dealing with. We provide a confidential and safe environment to process personal financial health for your team.

Education/Pulpit Supply

We have developed a number of practical seminars including our Generous Steward Workshop, Marriage and Money Workshop and Financial Management 101. We are also available to teach your congregation on the concept of Biblical Stewardship during one of your services.


Have you ever wondered how healthy your congregation or staff team is financially speaking? We have developed a brief anonymous survey that will give you a great feel for just that purpose. This is a survey that we use with our coaching clients and have found it to be very enlightening in understanding how our clients feel about their finances.

Financial Coaching for Missionaries connected with your Church.

We are creating a network that will focus on the financial well-being of our global workers. We focus on the financial health of the missionary family so that they can focus on the Great Commission and stay on the field longer.


Because of the generosity of our financial partners, we are able to provide these services for very reasonable, discounted prices. In some cases, scholarships are available. WE DO NOT SELL INSURANCES OR INVESTMENT PRODUCTS. Our ministry is supported by the generosity of churches, businesses and individuals.


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Gena and I signed up for financial life coaching from Freedom 5:One about three years ago. Though we felt like we had always been careful with our finances, we were struggling to get on the same page together as a couple, and this had become a topic that led to many of our most difficult disagreements. The financial coaching has benefited us in many ways, but two stand out. First, we gained objective insights about our savings, budgeting, financial priorities, etc. In some ways, we were not as bad off as we feared, and we learned how to do better in some key areas that have helped us make strategic decisions moving forward. Mainly, it helped us get on the same page which has enabled us to argue less and be more generous. The second benefit for us is that we now have a resource we believe in to help other people. As a ministry couple, it is important for us to be able to recommend Freedom 5:one and to say, “It has helped us, too.” Financial life coaching has become a go-to suggestion for couples getting married, going through marital challenges, or just about to step into a new phase of life. The process used at Freedom 5:one has certainly helped us, and we are glad to share about it with others.- Bart Sego, Community Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church

“I first met Freedom 5:one at a conference break-out session on budgeting for missionaries.  It immediately caught my attention and I realized we needed that not only for our ministry but for our personal lives.  God had called us into missions 18 years ago, yet we still needed some help navigating the funds of a family of 8 and a large ministry team.  The sessions with Tim have dramatically changed our perspective.  Leilani and I are so relieved with a new outlook on priorities, a budgeting plan and how to make our money do what we want it to do.  We were really challenged with Tim asked us…”are you a fun family”?  Well Tim, after our vacation last month, the 6 kids will tell you what we are a fun family!!  Thanks for all you do!” – Matt and Leilani, Global Workers

Let’s build something great together.