When should my missionary get a raise?

Have you ever supported someone or some ministry for a long time at the very same amount? When I was on staff with a student ministry we had many families who locked into their $25 a month for 10 plus years. Now don’t get me wrong I appreciated their faithfulness, but someone who is that committed to our ministry has a lot of time, prayer and energy toward seeing us be successful. True partner kinda of folks. And I always wondered why they didn’t consider increasing over time. For some of them I don’t think it every crossed their mind. Now maybe I should have chatted with them about considering raising their support, but I didn’t always. What the point you ask?

Have you ever considered increasing your support for your missionaries when you get a raise? Or maybe a bonus when you get a bonus? This may not be for everything you give to but for the ones you love and that are a true extension of your ministry passion.

I always hesitate to write this kind of article because we are a support raising ministry ourselves and I don’t want our supporters to misunderstand. But one of our goals as a ministry is to try to dislodge as many dollars for the kingdom as possible and so we want to give you our readers ideas about how you can be as strategic with your money.

My challenge is this. What if you picked one of your favorite ministries and give somebody a raise this year?

Tim Howington is Executive Vice President for Freedom 5:one and is one of our Financial Life Coaches.  He lives with his wife Terri and son Josh in Rogers Arkansas.

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