Our Team



Our Team – Different backgrounds with the same heart. 

Chris Haas is the President and Founder of Freedom 5:one Ministries. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Arkansas. He directed the college ministry of Student Mobilization at UCA for 10 years. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Theology (Th.M.) from Dallas  Theological Seminary in 2007. After working as a  Financial Adviser for Clement Financial Services from 2007-2010, Chris left his position with Clement to create a new non-profit that would focus on the financial health of families in NWA and beyond called Freedom 5:one Ministries. Chris and his wife Tiffany have been married for almost 20 years, have five children, and live in Fayetteville, AR.

Tim Howington grew up in Central Arkansas and graduated from the University of Arkansas with a BS degree in Computer Science Engineering.  While in college, Tim was actively involved in a collegiate  ministry that was to become Student Mobilization.  Upon graduation he joined the staff and ministered to college students for 14 year in a variety of roles.  Tim then spent a short stint of ministry with Fellowship Bible Church of NWA and Saline Community Church.  For the next decade he was involved with leading and promoting Restaurant Management Group in NW Arkansas.  He joined the Freedom 5:one Team in 2013.  Tim is a writer and has published two books: How to Manage Yourself when there is no Money to Manage and Trouble.  He blogs on the Freedom 5:one Blog and at TimHowington.com.  Tim has been married to his wife Terri for over 30 years and they have one son and live in Rogers, AR.

TR Laughlin grew up in Northwest Arkansas. He married his wife Susanna soon after high school and went straight into the family donut business. As an entrepreneur TR has started many small businesses from donuts shop to dollar stores. After winning several nationwide and local awards, TR began consulting both locally and around the world on small business operation and design. He enjoys leading community groups and mentoring leaders. He and his wife have been married for 21 years and live in Rogers.

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