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Trouble shows up in a variety of ways.  Every kind of trial has it’s own unique set of challenges.  At times like these it is important to remember that God still sits on His throne and that He loves and cares for us.

Sometimes it helps to talk through your situation with someone.  If we can be of help set up an appointment with one of our coaches.

**Disclaimer, our expertise as Financial Life Coaches is budgeting, cash flow and helping families get aligned in their financial goals.  We do not sell investments or insurance.  Please contact your advisers and agents for questions in these areas.

Download Hotline Resources

We also wanted to make a couple of resources available that might be of help during this time of difficulties.

7 Financial Ideas For Weathering a Crisis– by Tim Howington- this addresses 7 very simple ideas that we think will be helpful as you navigate a financial crisis.  This readdresses and applies the basics of personal financial management.  Click here download

Cover- Defeating Fear Through Faith

Defeating Fear Through Faith– Devotional by Chris Haas.  This talks about how we find peace through faith.  Click here to download.

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How to Manage Yourself When there is no Money to Manage by Tim Howington-  this little book addresses how to manage your heart (mind, will and emotions) in the middle of a financial crisis.  Click here to download.

think about such things cover

think about such things– this is a Bible meditation study on Philippians 4:8.  this study will help you refocus your thoughts on the things of God.  particularly if you are working through a difficult season.

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Trouble by Tim Howington- this little book addresses how to manage your heart (mind, will and emotions) in the middle of other difficulties in life.  Click here to download.

Cover- Can God be trusted in our old age

Psalms 71- Can God be trusted in our old age?  This Bible Study is designed for retired or soon to be retired people who are feeling the pressure of the finances in their older years.  Click here to download.

The King and his Money Cover (1)

The King and His Money. This is a study about what Jesus has to say about money and money matters in the Gospels.  On the resource page of this website there are other money studies from the Proverbs and also Acts through Revelation