What should my Financial Priorities Be?

Do you ever feel like you wish somebody else was the adult in your house and you could just be a kid again? Or just go back to school and have everybody tell you what to do? As much as we all wanted to get out on our own, make our own money, make our own decisions and be the shot-caller, sometimes we realize that it stinks to be the one in charge.

As we meet with clients and brainstorm with them about how to manage their finances there are times when we sense what they are really asking is, “will you just tell me what to do?”.

And sometimes it is as easy as that. And we give them our opinion and move on. But sometimes it not that easy. I remember a young couple who came to me years ago and they had 3 big ideas on their financial horizon and they wanted to know what I thought they should do. To which (with all my vast wisdom) I replied, “I dunno!” I wanted to say, “I can barely figure out my own life much less yours” but I didn’t cause I am the financial coach and I get paid to help them figure out their stuff.


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Do You Have a Wonderful-Life Financial Plan?

We all grow up dreaming of a Wonderful Life. Family and friends who love us. Good job. Nice house. Plenty of food. Enough money to take care of our needs and even some of our wants. When I got married one of my friends was asked to give us some marriage advice. His advice was classic. “Tim, give Terri everything she wants.” He added, “and Terri, only want what you need.” I can still remember his wife catcalling from the background about his bad advice. But, behind his playful banter was a principle. And the principle is this; for a family to be successful the family has to be on the same page and have a plan. Particularly in the area of money. Nothing will challenge a marriage more than how to manage the family resources. Continue reading “Do You Have a Wonderful-Life Financial Plan?”

Outrunning the Debt Monster

At Freedom 5:one, we consider one our core ministries is to identify resources that will help families in the area of finances.  We have listed several below.

I was listening to Ron Blue this morning on Family Life today in a broadcast called Outrunning the Debt Monster  you can listen to it on Family Life Today in Little Rock. Family life has a number of great resources that talk about how finances effect the family and marriages.  You can check them out at www.familylifetoday.com 

Ron is one of the leading wisdom guys in the area of money and money management and has a lot of great resources at his website at www.ronblue.com
5 Biblical Principles he talks about are Continue reading “Outrunning the Debt Monster”

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