An Open Letter to the Christian Family about Generosity to Our Missionaries

The Christian Family BudgetI (Tim) had a world-changing meeting at Cracker Barrell recently.  It was impactful to me because I was privileged to sit down with a young couple committed to reaching college students for Christ. I got to hear about what God is doing as He expands His kingdom in and through these missionaries.  Their story is like many other missionaries’. God has called them to spread the gospel in a specific part of our world, and they are in the process of raising their personal support.  By that I mean, they are working full time in their ministry and are looking to identify potential financial backers who will give regularly to their ministry. And they were asking me and my family to pray about becoming a financial and prayer partner. Continue reading “An Open Letter to the Christian Family about Generosity to Our Missionaries”

Is Money on Your Discipleship List?

One of the blessings of my life was coming to Christ in a discipleship culture.  Having grown up just outside the shadows of the church, when I came to Christ on a Sunday evening there were guys ready to help me grow Monday morning. When you grow up unchurched there are so many things that you don’t know.  And that was definitely true of me.

I have such fond memories of sitting in meetings and across the table from spiritual mentors that poured into me.  There are many things that the Scriptures speak about. 

  • How to walk with God.
  • How to minister and love others.
  • How to be a great spouse and parent.
  • How to connect with God’s will for your life in your vocation.
  • How to manage your finances.
  • How to overcome sin in your life.

I learned quickly that God loves us and has a wonderful plan for our lives.  He desires to be Lord of our lives and to give meaning and direction to us.  He is not only interested in saving us from hell, but helping us to experience eternal life right here, right now.  And He allows us to join Him in impacting the world around us.

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What should my Financial Priorities Be?

Financial PrioritesDo you ever feel like you wish somebody else was the adult in your house and you could just be a kid again? Or just go back to school and have everybody tell you what to do? As much as we all wanted to get out on our own, make our own money, make our own decisions and be the shot-caller, sometimes we realize that it stinks to be the one in charge.

As we meet with clients and brainstorm with them about how to manage their finances there are times when we sense what they are really asking is, “will you just tell me what to do?”.

And sometimes it is as easy as that. And we give them our opinion and move on. But sometimes it not that easy. I remember a young couple who came to me years ago and they had 3 big ideas on their financial horizon and they wanted to know what I thought they should do. To which (with all my vast wisdom) I replied, “I dunno!” I wanted to say, “I can barely figure out my own life much less yours” but I didn’t cause I am the financial coach and I get paid to help them figure out their stuff.


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New Class on Freedom 5:one University

discovering your unique personality- fbFreedom 5:one University is pleased to announce a new class called Discovering Your Unique Personality. This a class about discerning which personality mix you have using the DiSC profile. Personality and money go hand in hand. Check it out here.

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We are offering a discount to our new class Create a Simple Budget on Freedom 5:one University.  The class is already free but there is an optional $100 coaching fee for you to work through your Simple Budget with a coach.  This coupon code give you $50 off the coaching.



Online Class Invitation

create a simple budget- F51U- fbWe have created a short online class to talk through some key ideas about managing your personal finances.  The class is FREE.  Click here to register for the class and get more information.

Class Description– Gallup recently release a poll say that only 1 in 3 families have a working budget. Having coached families for 10 years now we have seen first hand the pressure that the lack of a plan brings. With so many people living paycheck to paycheck (70-80 percent). It is time to add some structure to the chaos. That is what this course is about. We will give a quick overview of key areas that will help you evaluate the way you manage your finances. And along the way help you become a generous manager.

The course is free but you can also sign up for a coaching session to talk through your Simple Budget for $100.  Enter this code for $50 off the coaching session- TSB50

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Go to God in a Crisis

Step 7 Financial ideas for a CrisisThe earth is the Lord’s and all it contains, the world and those who dwell in it. Psalms 24:1

One of my favorite movies of all time is It’s a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. Stewart is cast as the super-thrifty, ever-ambitious George Bailey, who has languished in his hometown and made a somewhat unassuming difference in the lives of everyone he knows.

The whole plot of the movie builds to the central crisis where George is in an excruciating financial difficulty in his business. The potential for ruin and scandal are everywhere. George (actually Uncle Billy) has lost $8,000, which was a fortune in the 1940s.

He seeks help from Potter, his arch nemesis in the movie, and is rebuffed. Additionally, he is told that because of his life insurance, he is worth more dead than alive. So he begins to plot a swan dive off a bridge.

In desperation, George even goes as far as praying. Hear his prayer: “God, oh God, dear Father in Heaven. I’m not a praying man, but if you’re up there and can hear me, show me the way. I am at the end of my rope. Show me the way, God.” Continue reading “Go to God in a Crisis”