Be Generous in a Crisis

Step 2 Financial ideas for a CrisisI must tell you about a young couple I know. They are an inspiration to me. In the middle of this pandemic, he lost his job, and her hours were cut back. But they have a tremendous heart for generosity, and they view their giving as separate from their normal expenses. Said another way, their giving account is not intermingled with their living account. So, during this crazy time, they were able to give $4,500 towards a cause that the Lord laid on their heart to give to. Wow!!

One of the things that helped them pull the trigger was that before the crisis they had been able to put aside 6 months of expenses in their Salary Emergency Account. Even considering that, their heart to give is amazing!

I am convinced that one of the great dignities of mankind is found in generosity. The desire to help is seeded deep in our hearts. To be sure, financial challenges can bring out the worst in mankind. Why else would two grown women fight over the last roll of toilet paper in the store. But it also brings out the best in us.

Let’s look back again to the depression of the 30s. My wife’s family had two different experiences. One part of her relatives stayed put in the community they lived in and weathered the storm. The other part left and looked for work elsewhere.
The families who stayed put during the depression had family and friends to share with, while the families that uprooted, looking for work, had the toughest experiences, as they struggled through the upheaval with other uprooted, financial-challenged strangers. The generosity of family and friends really made a difference in the lives of those suffering through the Great Depression.

In tough times, generosity might be money, but it is also time or maybe even a cup of sugar. Little kindnesses count during financial hardships. Find a way to bless those around you with a grateful heart.

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