Your Year End Giving Makes a Difference!

consumption-520085_640This time of the year many of us are evaluating our generosity goals for the year.  People who study generosity say that

  • 31% of all giving happens in the month of December
  • 12% of all giving happen in the last 3 days of the year

Why so much at the end of the year?  Simple put, human nature.  End of the year bonus are part of it but for a lot of us we just need a real deadline.  And midnight on December 31 is as real as it gets!!

We may start the year with a clear idea of what we hope to give to our church or ministries we support or causes we care about, but sometimes life happens and we don’t quite get there.

What is it that keeps us from reaching these kinds of goals?  Is it as simple as not have a plan?  Me thinks so.  If generosity is such a big deal, then why don’t we just decide ahead of time what we are going to do in 2020.

But in the meantime, there is a little more time in 2019.  Embrace the rush, have one last generosity fling before the year ends.  The causes you support will appreciate it- they are hoping you don’t forget.

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