My Story - Kristen Hartness


Kristen HartnessWhile I tend to be more of a spontaneous personality and it is against my nature to "stick to a plan", I am finding that there is a lot of freedom in setting financial goals and learning to live according to a plan.  When I met with Chris and the team at Freedom5:one, I felt like my finances were a mess! I had never really learned how to set up or live by a budget {spending plan} and had no clear financial goals or saving plan for the future. I tended to avoid financial decisions because, honestly, they were just intimidating to me.

“I am finding that there is a lot of freedom in setting financial goals and learning to live according to a plan.”

 Chris and his team helped me make sense of it all! They looked at the big picture of my finances and helped me define several long-term and immediate financial goals and took time to explain my various financial policies and investments in terms that were understandable to me. From there, they worked with me to create a very manageable budget to help achieve these goals. I really appreciated the emphasis that they placed on discovering what the Bible has to say about finances and learning to invest my money in a way that will have eternal impact. For the first time ever, I feel equipped to confidently make financial decisions for the future and look forward to being able to give in a way that will bless others.

Throughout the process, Chris and his team were patient, encouraging and cheering me along as I began to reach several short-term goals. I am so grateful to the team at Freedom5:one and would highly recommend them to anyone desiring financial direction for the future!




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