Get Financial Help

Make a Financial Plan

What We Do

At Freedom 5:one we will walk with you every step of the way to help you meet your goals and succeed financially. Our process generally looks like this:

  • Session 1 – We introduce who we are and how the process works. We create a written spending plan customized to your specific needs, brainstorm ways to improve your financial situation, and teach you how to implement the plan. We encourage you to attend one of our upcoming workshops.
  • Session 2 – We follow up within 6-8 weeks with a second appointment to see how the plan is working, answer questions, and make necessary adjustments.
  • Session 3 – We schedule a 6 month review, but also consider your individual needs to see if additional appointments would be helpful.
  • Session 4 – We schedule a 1 year review, and then on an annual basis or as new needs arise.

The Whole Process - Example

  • 1st Session – June 10th
  • 2nd Session – August 10th
  • 3rd Session – December 10th
  • 4th Session – June 10th