Waiting for Superman

     Waiting for Superman is a documentary made in 2010 about the struggles of American public education. The documentary points out “drop-out factories” and highlights the failure of educating the leaders of tomorrow.  As part of a fine art credit, I registered for a film class in college and was introduced to this documentary. Being a financial planning major, I watched the film through a financial filter. We’re lacking in general education but more specifically people are financially illiterate. How could we improve the education of basic financial planning in college and even high school to prepare them for the future?

  Financial Education image
     We operate in three different ways at Freedom 5:one: education, coaching and encouragement.  We educate our clients on the financial matters that affect us today: retirement, insurance and investing to name a few. Because we don’t sell any products, we have the unique privilege to be financial teachers and coaches. Recently, we simply asked a client to pull out a sheet of paper and write down a few definitions: Roth IRA, cash value life insurance and term life insurance. These are fundamentally simple products but few people understand their true purpose. You have probably coached someone in a sport or seen a friend succeed at work, it’s exciting! I get motivated when I see a client connecting dots of their financial picture to their life and marriage. I get to meet with clients to help educate and coach them with many essential financial issues I take for granted. As a Financial Coach, I help families put a plan together but also educate them to become financially literate. Waiting for Superman has inspired me to step it up and take (financial) education seriously. 

     Let’s stop waiting for Superman. He’s dragging his feet or he doesn't even exist, I haven’t decided yet. By the way, it's a great documentary and you should watch it. 

Logan Bennett, Financial Coach