Financial Coaching

Financial Coaches

Bill Robertson, Chris Haas and Tim Howington, Freedom 5:one's financial coaches

Financial life coaching helps people create and follow a written spending plan based on biblical principles to put their finances in order and live a life of financial freedom. Financial life coaching transforms the financial destiny of families as they:

  • Live within their income
  • Increase their giving
  • Pay off all debt
  • Save for the future
  • Protect their family

The process brings hope as people see a brighter future ahead, make progress toward accomplishing their goals, and experience financial peace. 

For married couples the process often increases unity, decreases conflict, and promotes positive communication in the marriage.

  • We meet individually with clients to create a written spending plan. Every coaching session is unique. 
  • Each plan starts with a client's goals, current income and expenses. 
  • We coach clients on how to work their plan and schedule follow-up appointments for support and accountability.

Here's What Others are Saying  

 "While I tend to be more of a spontaneous personality and it is against my nature to "stick to a plan", I am finding that there is a lot of freedom in setting financial goals and learning to live according to a plan. When I met with Chris and the team at Freedom5:one, I felt like my finances were a mess! I had never really learned how to set up or live by a budget {spending plan} and had no clear financial goals or saving plan for the future. I tended to avoid financial decisions because, honestly, they were just intimidating to me."

- Kristen Hartness

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